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HMH® coaching uniquely provides the shoulder-to-shoulder support educators need to ensure continuous improvement over time. Coaching supports teachers, leaders, and districts and can be delivered in individual or team formats.

Our coaching model is student-centered and grounded in data and can focus on specific program implementations or emphasize overall skills and instructional practices.

Student-Centered Coaching Model

Student data and evidence determines the focus for all HMH coaching. Teachers are provided practical support for classroom application, including lesson modeling, in order to help all students achieve.


In 2014, 80% of teachers reported that coaching significantly strengthened their classroom instruction.
Based on national survey data collected from teachers who received coaching from HMH during the 2014–2015 school year.

Why Coaching Matters

HMH Coaching addresses implementation, which is the stage of learning with the steepest learning curve.

Research shows that when educators are asked to implement anything new, they face a period of difficulty and frustration within the first 8 weeks. This is known as the Implementation Dip.

 — Michael Fullan, Leading in a Culture of Change (2007)

In the implementation stage, continuous support is the foundation.  We offer continuous support with our shoulder-to-shoulder coaching.

HMH® coaching is personalized and grounded in data.  Student-centered and teacher driven, our coaching:

  • Builds mastery through multiple touch points
  • Ensures fidelity of implementation
  • Supports long-term gains/progress over time

Flexible Delivery

In order to best meet the needs of teachers and leaders, HMH offers flexible delivery models for coaching. Options include in-person and virtual sessions for individuals along with in-person sessions for teams.

Individual Coaching
Individual Coaching supports an educator’s overall instructional practices, including those used during program implementations. Individual Coaching reinforces what leaders and teachers will learn during foundational courses and helps them transition that knowledge into practice.

Individual Virtual Coaching
In between coaching visits, teachers can connect with their coaches virtually to gauge progress, discuss challenges, and determine new strategies.

Team Coaching
Team Coaching brings the coaching conversation into a small group context and opens up communication among teachers. It is a collaborative conversation, focused on deepening understanding of student work, student learning targets, instructional practices, goal setting, and action steps.

Areas of Support

HMH coaching is differentiated based on the unique goals of each school or district. Coaching focus areas can include: instruction, content, data, and leadership. Coaching supports all classrooms, including those implementing HMH Core and Intervention programs.

Instructional Coaching

  • Learn how to make intentional decisions about implementing research- based instructional practices
  • Lesson modeling
  • Plan for next steps with instruction that focuses on helping students meet specified learning targets


Content Coaching

  • Strengthen content knowledge
  • Develop content skills to support effective instruction
  • Go beyond program implementation


Data Coaching

  • Analyze student evidence and data to help set student-centered learning targets
  • Design and refine assessments
  • Plan instruction in response to assessments and data


Leadership Coaching

  • Create a school culture focused on rigor, relevance, and relationships for all students
  • Support an accountability system and empower teacher leaders to implement and monitor these systems daily


Personalize your support with Project Management Services
A project manager makes it easy for districts to manage large-scale school improvement initiatives. Customized Project Management Services complement in-classroom support and instructional coaching visits.


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