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Anthony Colannino

Senior Fellow, ICLE

Expertise: Instructional Excellence & Growth Mindset


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For more than 20 years Anthony has dedicated himself to creating atmospheres where adults and children feel happy, healthy and successful. This work can be challenging at times, but rewarding when schools, districts, and businesses create cultures where learning is the focal point.

Anthony has worked in just about every school setting from the rural poverty of eastern Washington to the affluence of the Metro Boston area. Regardless of the size or socio-economic status of districts he has led or consulted, Anthony brings a contagious joy and passion to the important task of educating children, who will become our future.

He takes great pride in the lives he’s been able to positively impact through teaching, leading schools and supporting school leaders in districts big (Philadelphia, Bronx, Compton, and Cincinnati) and small. Those lives include his students from Boston that now study law, medicine, and education at the highest university levels, the staffs he has inspired to become better educators and his clients that still reach out to him for support long after his consultancy has ended.

Prior to joining ICLE, Anthony developed his own education consultancy, Leading and Teaching for Growth and worked at the e-learning company Dr. Carol Dweck co-founded, Mindset Works Inc. – helping school districts across the country understand and operationalize Dr. Dweck’s growth mindset research through leadership development and improved teacher practice. He also served as an elementary school principal in the Boston area and taught fifth grade.

Anthony lives with his wife and two children in a suburb of Boston. He continues to challenge himself while using a growth mindset to learn and grow. Recently, he learned how to ski on the mountains of New Hampshire and now dreams of snow, even when the sun shines brightly.


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